Nautical 6 Piece Bedding Set

It's time I begin blogging! I've been thinking about the importance of blogging (relative to search engine rankings) but also just to stay in touch with my customers. 

And so it begins...I don't know what I will write about--but I'll be sure to think of things my customers will enjoy reading about. 

Tomorrow our Nautical 6 piece set arrives back in stock. We have customers who have waited over 3 months for this to arrive--it's a popular set.  This type of business is tough because fashion (even in home decor) changes so rapidly. You just never know which design is going to take off--designs that I don't really like will be best sellers and then the ones i predict to fly off the shelf, will often times just sit in the warehouse.

That said, I am so excited to see Nautical do so well.  

In this photo we used a brick-looking wallpaper in a distressed gray look.. All the other items we found at Home Goods Stores (LOVE that store for trendy, inexpensive home decor).  


Stay tuned for my next post :)